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Color Doppler

Color Doppler test is a kind of ultrasound investigation, which is non-invasive and painless. With the help of this test, blood flow through the blood vessels can be estimated. The high frequency ultrasound waves bounce off circulating red blood cells. In case there are any problems in blood flow via the blood vessels, it is detected through Color Doppler. This test is done for various parts of the body – the heart, arms, legs etc. for detecting blood flow. In case there are blood clots, these can be detected as well.

Talking of preparations for the Color Doppler test, one is recommended to wear loose fitting clothes. You might be asked to wear a gown. Refrain from wearing any kinds of jewelries or accessories. If the test is being done for the abdomen, fasting for 6-12 hours might be needed. You can only drink small amounts of water for taking needed medicines.

What happens during the test?
For the test, the patient will have to lie on the table on the back. Gel is applied to the area which will be tested. The ultrasound waves travel faster and better results are obtained. The technician places a transducer, which is a small hand-held device on the area which is tested. The transducer is like a wand or a microphone. On moving this device around, sound waves are sent inside the body and they bounce off the blood cells, other body parts and organs and go back to the device. Vibrations might be felt, but it does not hurt until and unless there is pain and tenderness. All the sound waves are captured on the computer and turned into moving images, which are visible on the screen.

After the test
On completion of the test, the gel is wiped off with tissue. You can resume normal work and activities after the test.