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2D Echo

This test is also known as Doppler Echocardiogram, or commonly referred as Echo, or Sonography of the heart.

The test is non invasive and does not use radiation and is completely comfortable and safe. It uses high frequency sound waves that bounce off different parts of your heart to create a live video and images of how blood flows through the heart chambers, heart valves and blood vessels and allows for assessment of both normal and abnormal blood flow through the heart.

It is a commonly prescribed test in cardiology and gives estimates of the heart size and shape, pumping capacity and tissue damage.

It is used to  diagnose:
Valvular Heart Disease
Congenital Heart Disease
Ischemic Heart Disease ( cardiac event such as heart attacks)
The 2D Echo test is performed by trained cardiologists at our center in Prabhadevi. A handheld transducer – a device that emits high frequency sound-waves, is moved over the heart to examine the cardiac structures and diagnose heart disease.

No preparation is required prior to a 2D Echo test.