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Stress Test

Also known as Treadmill Test or TMT, or Exercise Test, Cardiac Stress Test, Exercise EKG

What is a Stress test (CST)?

A Stress Test is usually used to determine whether someone has heart disease. The doctor performs the test to determine how much your heart performs under physical stress, until blood flow to the heart muscles drops, or an unusual rhythm develops. In many cases, the Stress Test is also used to determine the level of exercise that the individual can safely do.

How the test is performed:
The nurse will first stick ten small electrodes on chest, arms and legs. These are then attached to an ECG monitor that will track the heart’s electrical activity as the test is being performed.
The patients ECG is taken before the test to determine how the heart performs in a resting state. His/her blood pressure will also be recorded.

The patient is then made to walk on a treadmill – at first slowly, then progressively faster, and is then made to jog or run. The incline of the treadmill is also gradually increased. This is done to make your heart work progressively harder.
The ECG and blood pressure is monitored throughout . The exercise will continue until the patient reaches a target heart rate.
The patient will then be asked to sit or to lie down.
ECG and blood pressure will continue to be monitored until they return to normal levels.

The test can be stopped at anytime if the patient feels dizzy, gets too out of breath to continue, feels any chest pain, develops high or low blood pressure or arrhythmia.
It is normal for heart rate, perspiration and breathing rate to increase during the test. The doctor will monitor these parameters.

How to prepare for a Stress Test
Before coming for the test patients should ask their doctors on the best way to prepare.

Heavy meals or any exercise on the day of the test are best avoided.
The patient should be fasting for at least four hours prior to the test. Water is allowed.
Gentlemen are requested to shave their chest before coming for the test.

Specialist doctors perform the Stress Test at our center in Prabhadevi, making our reports reliable to your doctor. The Stress Test or Treadmill Test (TMT) also forms part of our Preventive Health Check Up Plans.