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Digital X-Ray Test

Our digital X-ray machine from Siemens provides quality images with utmost precision, within minutes, and which can be enhanced on a computer.

These machines are safe for technicians as well as our patients as they are exposed to much less radiation as compared to analog x-ray machines.

Usually for general X-rays, no separate preparations are needed. Any kind of jewelry or metal objects should be removed from the body so that a clear image can be obtained.

Please inform the technician if you are pregnant as an X-Ray is not advisable in this case. In certain kind of X-Ray such as lumbar spine or KUB, the patient may be advised to fast and have a clear bowel. Please carry any previous X-Rays and reports

What to expect during the test
One just needs to be positioned before a screen, and an image of the body part that needs diagnosis is captured. Since this is digital X-ray, the image can be seen immediately on the computer screen.

The technician and reporting doctors may also want to see previous reports of X-rays, if done.

After the test
Since, digital X-ray is an absolutely non-invasive procedure, you can go home immediately after the test is done.