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    2D Echo Test

    2D Echocardiography, also known as 2D Echo or sonography of the heart, is a non-invasive test used to assess and evaluate the areas of your heart. It uses high frequency sound waves to create a picture or video of the different parts of the heart. This process makes it simple to check for damages, blockages, and blood stream rate. It also helps to detect the movements in the heart.

    It is often combined with a heart stress test, which allows to show how your heart works while doing any physical activity as it makes your heart pump faster and reveals any problems, if any.

    2D Echo Test Diagnosis

    • To search for any damage to the heart after a heart attack
    • To check for irregularity of blood stream inside the heart
    • To recognize strange heart rhythms like a reduction or an expansion in the pulsating of the heart
    • To check for genetic heart illness
    • To search for heart mumbles
    2D Echo Test Procedure

    A 2D Echo for heart is conducted on a bare chest area and a dry gel is applied to investigate the sound vibrations with a transducer. As the radiologist uses the transducer across the different areas of the chest, the gel assists in getting perspectives on the heart, its tissues, and its constructions.

    The entire procedure takes 15 – 20 minutes. Once the 2D echo test is finished, the images obtained are used to analyse the results.

    There are no specific preparations needed before going for a 2D Echo test. In case you have any health issues like diabetes or asthama, you must let your doctor know before-hand.
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