Endocrinology Clinic


Dr Manjunath HD

M.B.B.S, M.D (Medicine, Gold medalist), D.M (Endocrinology, Gold medalist)

Dr Manunath HD is a well-known endocrinologist in Mumbai from the top medical college in India, and with a lot of patient experience in the field of General Medicine and Endocrinology. He treats endocrine disorders and also is a diabetes specialist for both adults and children.

Dr Manjunath has significant experience in treating an array of women hormonal issues like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS. He also specialises in treatment of obesity, osteoporosis, growth and development in children and adolescents, tumors of endocrine glands.


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Who should consult:

One should meet a hormone specialist if he/she has the following symptoms:

  1. People with history of diabetes or pre diabetes to prevent and manage the same
  2. Excessive urination, thirst, and weight loss; blurring of vision, repeated infections, delayed wound healing
  3. Weight gain/loss, irregular periods, neck swelling, anxiety/tremulousness of hands/rapid heartbeat, swelling of feet
  4. Irregular periods, and excessive facial hair growth in females
  5. Infertility (both male and female sexual problems)
  6. High blood sugars, high blood pressure before 30 years of age or any family members with cardiac disease/stroke before 45 years of age
  7. Any routine CT/MRI scans done for other reasons showing tumours (or cancer) in the pituitary/adrenal/thyroid/pancreas gland
  8. Inadequate height growth or sexual development in children
  9. Repeated fractures (without major injury), kidney stones
    10. Patients who want to do endocrinology tests i.e. PCOD/PCOS tests, hormone test, diabetes test, want to consult thyroid doctor/thyroid specialist
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